µDISS Profiler™

Product Description

Our versatile in situ fiber optic UV monitoring dissolution and solubility system is specially designed to monitor small volume concentrations. Powered by Au Pro software, the most comprehensive data analysis software available in the industry, the µDISS Profiler evaluates the various effects on solubility, intrinsic disc dissolution rate, dissolution profiles, super-saturation, precipitation profiles, and more.


  • Small Volume Dissolution (2-20 mL)
  • in situ UV Monitoring (200 -720 nm)
  • Individually Controlled 8 Channel Stirring
  • Interchangeable pathlehgth probe tips


  • Rank order intrinsic dissolution
  • Detect polymorphic changes
  • Follow stability profiles
  • Track supersaturation effects
  • Determine equilibrium solubility


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