• Two UV tubes for illumination (1 × UV 254 nm & 1 × UV 366 nm, each 8W)
  • Convenient handling through one button operation for each UV tube
  • Homogeneous illumination
  • Improved user safety through tilt sensor and timer (automatic switch-off after 10 min)

Product Description

The CAMAG UV Lamp 4 is designed for use in a TLC laboratory.

Two types of UV light are required for inspecting thin-Layer chromatograms:
Long-wave UV light 366 nm
Under long-wave UV light substances that can be excited to fluoresce appear as bright spots, often differently colored, on a dark background. The sensitivity of this detection method increases with the intensity of the UV light and also as more visible light is eliminated.

Short-wave UV light 254nm
Under 254 nm UV substances absorbing at that wavelength become visible, provided the TLC layer contains a fluorescent indicator, e.g. F254. These substances appear as dark spots on a bright background.


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