Product Description

The RainbowPLUS™ is the newest model of the Rainbow Dynamic Dissolution Monitor® System (RDDM), which utilizes a patented in situ technology and innovative fiber optic probe, which has become the technology of choice by analytical chemists working in USP dissolution (ie: formulation, method development, and Quality Control).  The RDDM is powered by the versatile software, which enables users to perform multiple functions in one integrated system.  Furthermore, the RainbowPLUS™ is GMP and 21 CFR Part 11 ready with secure account management and audit trail. The Rainbow Dynamic Dissolution Monitor® System is a powerful tool to aid those requiring multiple, accurate dissolution analyses performed with minimal operator involvement. The RDDM can be used in conjunction with all major dissolution baths used in pharmaceutical laboratories, including Pharma-Test, VanKel, Distek, Hanson, Erweka, Logan and Sotax. Since the RDDM can simultaneously be used as a dissolution monitor, spectrophotometer, and data analyzer, it is no longer necessary to run dissolution on one system, transfer the sample to another system for analysis (UV spectrophotometer or HPLC), and then process the data and analyze results on a third system. The Rainbow Dynamic Dissolution Monitor® System will help you conduct dissolution studies faster, with lower overhead costs, and the peace of mind that in situ, fiber optic monitoring provides.
The Rainbow easily accommodates high amounts of turbidity. Turbidity or light scattering from excipients in dosage forms, interferes with the accurate measurement of drugs in solution. The patented data processing algorithm of the Rainbow Dynamic Dissolution Monitor effectively compensates for the spectral effects of turbidity.


6, 7 or 8 channels with dedicated PDA for each channel
200-720 nm effective range
Scanning frequency as fast as every 2 seconds
Durable stainless steel dip probes with variable path lengths of 1, 2, 5, 10 or 20 mm.
Linear range up to 1.8 A.U.


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